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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is A Sack Of Wheat ?

A Sack Of Wheat is a heat therapy pack designed to be heated in a microwave, then placed onto the body to help relieve aches and pains such as arthritis, headaches and period pain. A Sack Of Wheat can also be used as a cold pack to reduce swelling and bruising.

Our unique design uses a twin pocket system for strength and durability. The inner cotton pocket contains 800 gm of natural, sustainably grown, food grade wheat from Callington, South Australia. We then cover the inner pocket with a 100% cotton fabric sack with over 65 amazing fabrics designs to choose from.

A Sack Of Wheat fully complies with the Australian/New Zealand Standards 5116:2016 for Microwavable Heat Packs.


How does A Sack Of Wheat work?

Wheat absorbs and distributes both heat and cold evenly and gradually, acting as an effective and natural pain relief option. When positioned correctly, A Sack Of Wheat freely moulds to the contour of the affected area to be treated.

Your A Sack Of Wheat can be continuously re-heated.


How do you use A Sack Of Wheat?


Place your A Sack Of Wheat into a microwave oven and heat for the recommended time. Each A Sack Of Wheat comes with a swing tag containing the recommended heating times as well as a sewn in label outlining the Australian & New Zealand Standards Safety Warning guidelines for optimum safety. Once the A Sack Of Wheat is correctly heated, simply place it onto the area of the body where heat is required.

A Sack Of Wheat also acts as a cold/cool pack. The A Sack Of Wheat will not freeze like a block of ice but can provide a cold, mouldable compress to affected areas. Place the A Sack Of Wheat into a plastic bag and store in the freezer - you never know when you may need it.


What if my A Sack Of Wheat smells?

A burning smell means that it is time for your A Sack Of Wheat to be discarded. Carefully remove from the microwave, place on a safe, non-combustible surface and let the A Sack Of Wheat cool down completely before discarding.

Over time, wheat naturally dries out and starts to develop a cooked/burnt popcorn smell. Unfortunately, there is no effective way of masking this smell unless you are prepared to unpick the seams of the sacks and replenish with fresh wheat, but it may just be easier to buy another one.


What is the best place to store my A Sack Of Wheat?

Place your A Sack Of Wheat in the freezer in a sealed, zip lock plastic bag which will also helps protect it from any unwelcome visiting insects. A Sack Of Wheat can be conveniently used straight from the freezer to the microwave.


Is it recommended to put a glass of water in the microwave during the heating process?

According to the Australian & New Zealand Standards Appendix A4, it clearly states that heating a heat pack with water introduces a further hazard of scalding and has little or no impact on the moisture content or durability of the pack. Further, it delays the pack from heating to a satisfactory level, so that a person might unintentionally overheat it by repeated heating


My A Sack Of Wheat is burnt and there is a hole in the fabric! What happened?

Always check that your microwave is working correctly and that the turntable has completed a full-unobstructed turn before activating your A Sack Of Wheat to heat. Unfortunately, we do not replace A Sack Of Wheat that has been burnt due to user error.


Can I wash my A Sack Of Wheat?

No. If you overly wet the bag the grain will sprout! Just use a damp sponge to lightly spot clean the outside of the bag. If the A Sack Of Wheat becomes a little damp then place it into the microwave and heat for the recommended time, this will remove any moisture remaining in the sack.


Can I order multiple quantities of my favorite A Sack Of Wheat design?

Please contact me directly at if you are wishing to order larger quantities of your favorite A Sack of Wheat design. Please be aware that there are limited supplies of fabric available for select designs. Unfortunately, fabric that is deemed discontinued or unavailable by the supplier can not be sourced.